Connect Spelling

Connect Spelling

The complete Connect Spelling program contains over 90 units, divided into courses for first, second, and third grade.

Spelling Courses Are on Sale for $10 Each

Spelling makes sense when you understand the patterns in words

People are neurologically hard-wired to make sense of things as fast as they can. They do this by finding patterns. Connect Spelling helps students learn the patterns in words, so spelling actually makes sense.

Goes beyond memorizing lists of unrelated words

Many spelling courses expect students to simply memorize lists of random, unrelated words. By dividing the most common spelling words by word pattern or syllable type, Connect Spelling teaches students why words are spelled a certain way. Students who learn to spell with Connect Spelling have the tools necessary to continue growing as successful spellers.

Please Note: This program was created to teach decoding and spelling to one hundred percent of the first, second, and third grade students. It has also been used successfully for tutoring older students and adults. Please note, however, it does not cover all the curriculum in an Orton-Gillingham program.