Connect Phonics

The Connect Phonics course contains everything you need to teach someone to read.

Teaching someone to read is not a mystery. Anyone can do it.

That’s true, anyone. People are neurologically hard wired to make sense of things as fast as they can. They do this by finding patterns. The Connect Phonics program teaches the patterns in words so reading makes sense.

Connect Phonics is designed for all students

Connect Phonics is based on the Orton-Gillingham dyslexic method of instruction, making it an excellent course for students with dyslexia. However, the course is meant to be used by all students. Average readers tend to excel using these materials.

Please Note: This program was created to teach decoding and spelling to one hundred percent of the first, second, and third grade students. It has also been used successfully for tutoring older students and adults. Please note, however, it does not cover all the curriculum in an Orton-Gillingham program.

Includes materials for all learning styles

When we have an emotional connection to stories, they stay imprinted in our brains. Connect Phonics has stories, coloring pages, songs, and games to provide that emotional connection. This permanently fuses recall of the patterns. Using differentiated instruction, this meets the needs of various learning styles. Connect Phonics makes reading automatic and fun.