My son had some speech issues which he received services for at school. His articulation issues caused difficulty with reading since he couldn’t sound out the words correctly. As he progressed in school, in fourth grade, he remained around two years behind grade level even though he was consistently pulled out for reading interventions. Over the last summer, I wanted to try a reading program to minimize his retention loss over the summer. We chose Connect Phonics. It was amazing. We started at the beginning and only did about 20 lessons. This year his AimsWeb and NWEA scores jumped over a grade and a half. He has been less stressed and upset with reading. When I listen to him read, his pace is faster and he still uses the strategies he learned to read bigger words that he used to guess at. As a parent of a struggling reader, I strongly recommend this product.

Emily Cowan

During the nine years I taught the Connect Phonics and Spelling programs, I became more and more enamored with it. It is a logical, step-by-step program that creatively and enthusiastically takes students through the patterns in reading. With the use of manipulatives, stories, songs, hand gestures, large muscle movement, pictures, and rhymes, students of all learning styles will find support for their learning and understanding. Connect Phonics helps to make sense of our English language and provides students with useful tools to tackle spelling, reading and writing. Far beyond the elementary school, this knowledge will prove invaluable throughout the students’ lives. I have no doubt that Connect Phonics will provide the successful outcomes we all strive to achieve.

Susan Behler
Title One Teacher

I have used Connect Spelling for five years. Both Connect Phonics and Spelling have truly changed my classroom. The students have gained confidence through the strategies taught throughout the program. They will tackle any word with the skills they’ve learned in Connect Spelling. They are able to apply this knowledge to their daily reading and use of the English language.

Angela Denny
3rd Grade Teacher

I highly recommend the Connect Phonics and Spelling Program. It has been used in my classroom for over 10 years. The program is well organized, includes detailed instructions, and is easy to incorporate into lessons. Ms. Parker has created a wonderful program that engages the students with creative/entertaining stories, songs, and sayings that help the children build their reading and writing skills. The posters are good tools to keep posted in the classroom as an easy reference for the students. This program has helped our children achieve high reading scores by making learning fun. Our students love it!

Amy Norton
1st and 2nd Grade Teacher

I have used the Connect Phonics and Spelling resources for many years and love the progress my students are making with their phonics skills! Their knowledge and understanding of syllable types allows them to sound out words while reading and have demonstrated the skills within their spelling. The activities and worksheets are great additions for practice within the program. The students connect to the syllable concept with the stories that are included, such as the R-Control vowel sounds with the Shark Family! I highly recommend this program and resources.

Barb Goldthwait
2nd Grade Teacher

My daughter was a struggling reader the beginning of third grade. She was more than a grade level behind in her reading. She was feeling very frustrated with school. We began using the Connect Phonics program in December. When she took her end-of-year testing at the end of third grade, she was reading above grade level. I know this was because of the Connect Phonics program. She had a lot of fun doing it and never complained about sitting down with me to work on reading. She is now in fourth grade and absolutely loves to read.

Kate Topping